Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Finally got a few min to update.. WARNING may be long!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

catching up !!!......


It has been so long since I get on here to blog. I figure better late than never. We had such wonderful holidays this year. starting with Christmas this year we had a family get together at
Kimmy's house what a blast it was to have the cousins over for dinner , white elephant gift exchange and for karaoke night!! Dinner was very delicious, we had appetizer, salad, lasagna, bread, and salad. then for desert we had some yummy apple crisp with ice cream and yummy guava jello.
After dinner we started getting ready for the gift exchange. I made a nativity out of clay pots and
was really cute . Kenzie was undesisive throughout the weekend on what to do she tossed around a few things and finally she came up and said she was going to give an empty box. iItold her to put all her love in it . so she made a card saying " if you are reading this it means you got all of my love" ... so they started the game off by oldest to youngest . I had ran home for a min with Jessica and when we got there the game started. by looks of it it looked like it was getting good. although Kade had an upset look because he picked his dad gift which was Kenzie's love and he didn't seem to think that the empty box with a note was fair. HAHAHA well my gift and Kenzies seem to be pretty top gifts.... oh yeah the 6 mugs to with the purse where pretty hot Poor Kade... I don't think he liked this game... So Mario ended up with all of Kenzies LOVE and then my aunt Carmen, as quiet as can be she liked her gift she got and held on tight so no one took it!!! In the end we all got some great white elephants. and had a fun time.

Off to Karaoke.. Uncle Mario brought his Karaoke which was fun to ..some of the songs on there we did not know so well but we tried to make the best out of it. we finally decided that we should do boys against girls we I think beat them once and they beat us one. We then went solo again singing songs we knew. I had my Uncle Mario sing a song called Amor Eterno, the words to this song are so beautiful making my mom cry because this reminds her of my dear Grandmother. well i guess pay backs came for making my mom cry, when Mario had me sing with him. he pre picked the song and I just started bawling to the song I did it my way... this made me reflect on this past year some of the things I choose to do in my way and this song hit me hard.
We laughed We cried but most of all we had a WONDERFUL night !

at the Bakers house (Jonny & Taleesha )
first we had a lovely dinner that we all brought a dish to share . then we headed down stairs for the opening of the gifts. while every one got ready the kids were getting all excited. we started with the name change games within the sibling. YEAH I got the new PIctionary!!! The children could not wait to open the gift but they were so patient. AND TIME CAME FOR GRAMA AND GRANDPA gifts.... and on three ...1,2.3 they open their WII"S ... and the kids could have not been more excited... there were lots of fun gifts given as well and the kids could have not been more happy and grateful for all they got...

that night I stayed up wrapping kenzies gifts and finally got to sleep when it felt like she was just waking me up.. we open her "Santa" gifts and exchanged with bekah. we had a wonderful christmas 2008.

catching up !!!......

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Welcom Rascal...

Merry early Christmas to Kenzie/........

So the other night I was not getting any sleep. I decided to look through the ksl ads and see what was out there. Not knowing what I would bump into I decided to look at dogs... don't know why but been thinking we neede one here in our home. I saw and add for a shitzu for 150.00 and thahougt what a deal .... it was to late to call at 2 am. The next morning first thing I called and the lady sold me the shitzu for a great deal. I called mom and she was not really into the whole idea that we needed a dog here. I wanted this for kenzie and here we are 20 days away and Where am I going to keep this huge surprise. I was thinking this is not going to work out better find her another gift. All day I thought about getting her this dog and finally decided that I wanted to get this dog. I called the lady told her I would not be able to go out out there untill that evening. I called my lilttle sister and she said she would Keep the dog untill christmas.I was excited
Everything was working out .... So I called my mom and asked her if she wanted to go on a drive with me and she said that she would go with me. mom and I were so excited to get this for kenzie we were not going to wait untill christmas. Dad was excited to. we finally find the house and I get there and he came running out and he was adoreable so WELCOME RASCEL . He came to me and took him home... We took him to Kims house first and saw her cute new haircut and she got to meet rascel. so then we hurried home to get him ready for Kenzie to meet him . I called dad and he got ready and drove Kenzie home. we left her a note on the back door it read....

Hi Kenzie
My name is Rascal. I am your early Christmas Gift. Come find me love, Rascal..

She came running in not know what she was looking for but it was hers...
she was so excited to see the dog with a big red bow around his neck. She was so thrilled and could not believe this dog was her . SO that is my story of our new addition., He is such a good dog . don't chew on things, calm, house trained but is not really into children, he wont leave my site.... Kenzie is not to happy about that but I think the dog is used to adults not children. but tonight before bed I was looking for Rascal and he was laying at her feet.... the first night he layed right next to her.... It was cute... and tonight I think I am paying for it with the sneezing.... yikes!!

So here it is 145 am and I finally got peace and quiet after a long day and I am posting some pictures of Rascal and Kenzie.... Kenzie and her best friend J.J. decided to bathe him today and had a great time with that as well....
more to come later but here are some cute pic. WELCOME RASCAL!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Apple Pie

A tribute to my dear Grama who left us 2 years. WE miss her so much but still so many fond memories in our hearts of her. I wanted to so do something that reminded me of my Dear Grama so I decided to bake and Apple pie her style. I always remember going to her house and she would always have some kind of cake, or pie to greet us with. So many long hours she would work and then have us this treat on the side when we walked into her house. I wil miss this when i get ready to go to her house again. but i will continue to make her pie and whatever recipies I shall find that she had.
I took a pie to mom that night and she lets say gobbles up that whole pie along with what was left over on Sunday night which was more than a sliver.. Ha Ha... I know grama watched from above and smiled.

My pie is not as pretty as she would make it but was 80% like hers.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


....... its kenzie and im board very board .......

.......... ..........
{ o } { o }



Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So.... I've Been wanting some change... I finally did it... I left Kenzie @ grama's house and came back 3 hours later.... and... here is what I did...

So what do you think ???? it is all gone and I LOVE IT!!!!
I am not sure Kenzie did but I told here I look like her , but you can see my eyes..(lol)